About the Centre for Separated Families

The Centre for Separated Families is a small national charity (established in 1973) that works with everyone affected by family separation in order to bring about better outcomes for children.


We work to support parents manage the ending of their relationship in ways that minimise the negative impacts on their children. Our information and advice services are available to those who are sharing care, those who are caring for their children alone and those who are not able to spend time with their children.


Our child focussed work is designed to help parents understand and deal with their children's experiences of separation, understand and deal with their own experiences of separation, make private arrangements around parenting-time and child maintenance and improve communications.


We train other professionals in delivering whole family interventions to support separated families. We work closely with the Child Maintenance Commission (DWP), the Department for Education, the Department for Social Development (NI), local authority social services, Sure Start Children's Centres, Cafcass and a wide range of other agencies.


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Offering parents a safe and boundaried environment in which to develop new ways of managing the difficult transitions that accompany divorce or family separation.







Putting Children First now available to parents in Australia

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Putting Children First

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